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I'm drooling over this… 中

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    Digging the dark brown!

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    The drummer for Mana, my favorite Mexican rock band, Alex Gonzalez, plays dw’s.

    They look sweet. Unfortunately, my drumming sounds worse than a drunk woodpecker pecking on an aluminum gutter, and various drummers have warned me to never to touch any drum kit ever again.

    Guitarist says, “oh, yeah, I can play drums pretty good!”

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      I’ve only let one person behind my kit… he’s a bass player.

      I know better than to let a guitarist.

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        Joe Shlabotnik
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        Years ago I was in band, and for fun when jamming, the bass player would play my guitar, the drummer bass, and I’d play drums on White Room by Cream. Wasn’t half bad. Wasn’t exactly good either.

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