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Let's chip in & buy HRC 1 of these for Xmas!

  • PennLawyer (2533 posts)
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    Let's chip in & buy HRC 1 of these for Xmas!

    Santa, baby, all I want for Christmas is a genuine, limited edition Hillary Clinton Bobblehead doll, in it’s chic striped pantsuit with a string of pearls, kitten heels  and an orange undershirt!  Only $34.95!  Such a deal!  Hurry!  Supplies are limited!

    What a gal!  Yes, Hillary puts the bobble in bobblehead!

    A bobblehead company hawking a Hillary Clinton figure wants to lock her up as its own – by suing a competitor selling a similar product in a striped uniform.

    Bobbleheads.com has filed a federal lawsuit against California real estate company Wright Brothers, claiming it is infringing on the company’s copyright for the doll wearing black-and-white prison attire and attached to a ball and chain.

    The company says in court documents that it designed, advertised, marketed, distributed and licensed its Hillary Clinton Striped Pantsuit Bobblehead, which sells for $34.95, the Daily Mail reported.

    “New for 2016 – Depicts Hillary in her fashionable striped pantsuit. First Edition – very limited,” Bobbleheads.com writes in its description of the doll, which features a blue base with her name inscribed in black.


    But wait! There’s more! First 100 orders get a free Ginsu bayonet – suitable for extrajudicial torture and disemboweling of anti-imperialist political leaders, who used to be friends of Hillary but ended up on her revenge list.

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  • Haikugal (6810 posts)
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    1. Do the eyes cross?

    I’m just all mean girl today…and I read, rec’d and agreed to @sofarfromheaven this am. Maybe it’s the ‘super’ moon influencing my lunacy?!

  • LiberalArkie (4140 posts)
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    2. I still have my Keith Olbermann bobble head