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MadTv Hillary Clinton sings Isn't She Lucky

  • Ichingcarpenter (4170 posts)
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    MadTv Hillary Clinton sings Isn't She Lucky

    when she was running for her senate seat.


    Hillary: This is a story about a first lady who’s lucky. She’s intelligent, she’s driven, but she’s also pretty lucky.

    Lincon bedroom, she gets up. Knock, knock, knock, it’s the dork.

    [Bill Clinton is knocking on the door]

    Grab her Yanks cap, and Giants cup. Pretend that she’s from New York.
    They say…
    Isn’t she lucky, this Washington girl?
    They go…
    She’s damn lucky, she can’t be beat.
    As she claws, claws, claws to her senate seat, thinking.
    Don’t let nothing stand in her way.
    Cause she will be president someday.

    Hillary: But right now, I love New York!

    [The video ends]

    Bill: Cut, that was perfect, honey!

    Hillary: Whatever…why did I have to pick this state to be queen of? It’s like the armpit of America.

    Bill: Well, it’s the easiest way for us to get back from the White House. Just 6 more years…

    Hillary: Whoa, whoa, whoa…us? Who said anything about us?

    Bill: Yeah, yeah…you’re absolutely right, who said anything about us? Anything else I can do for ya?

    Hillary: Yeah, yeah, yeah, from now on when we’re getting off the planes, I wanna be the first one down the little steps, alright? Not you, you’re behind me, I wanna wave first.

    Bill: Alright, uhh..you go down the steps, i’ll…

    Hillary: Just go screw an intern…leave the Cheetos, though.

    [The music video stars again]

    Bill: [at an awards ceremony] And the winner is…Hillary!

    [The audience cheers as the music starts again]

    She’s damn lucky, she can’t be beat, as she claws, claws, claws, to her senate seat, thinkin’, if they try to pin stuff on me, i’ll blame a right-wing conspiracy



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