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President Biden exhibits confusion over mutants abilities

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      He confuses telepaths for pre-cogs. It’s this kind of ignorance of, and lack of respect for, the Mutant community that allows leaders on the fringe like Magneto come to a greater prominence.


      The shortage of baby formula has grown into a major challenge for parents all around the country.

      Today, President Biden defended the administration’s response, saying his team responded as soon as it understood the problem, although it began months ago. When pressed on whether he could have acted more quickly, the president said — quote — “If we had in better mind-readers, I guess we could have.”

      Telepaths read minds, Pre-cogs can see the future. Teeks, those with the telekinetic ability to move and affect objects from a distance are another story, and I don’t think we want to confuse Biden any more than he already is by bringing them up.

      There are other types as well, and Biden would be wise to show a decent level of respect to them. 😉



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