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Republican vs. Democrat in my back yard.

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      It’s that time of year again. The two major parties send their candidates to do battle in my neighborhood. I have trouble telling them apart. For some reason, they’re both named “Buck,” and I don’t even live in Texas. They look and act very much like each other. They sometimes switch places, so the one that was on the left is now on the right, and vice versa. They fight enthusiastically, as if they really had some serious differences, but its mostly for show. There is usually a clear winner, and he gets to have sex, while the loser mopes around and tries to figure out what happened. The spectators stand nearby, sometimes feigning interest, but usually indifferent, one of them knowing she will get screwed when it’s over. As far as I can tell, the whole thing has no impact on anything, but it’s fun to watch.

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      Thanks hasslecat!

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