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Will a Tammy Wynette cover fit here?

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    Ok so it is a tiny bit different than the origional

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    Attn Pam2: Thank you for the rec on the Cookie song.

    The band was primarily Punk oriented (sometimes with a Country twist), and like most Punk music, lyrics are important. Cookie was VERY popular in clubs and larger venues along the I-5 corridor of the left coast. Here are some more songs from the album that the Good Girl’s Gonna Go Bad cover came from. I hope you enjoy it as I have, the CD is one of my treasures.   The song Voodoo Doll below is my fave.






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    The singer reminds me of the singer in this band. (The Lisa Marr Experiment)


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    Back in the 80s they called this sort of music “cowpunk”. A “subculture” within the punk culture, if you will. The rock music media, always willing to throw labels around, applied the “cowpunk” name on bands from Social Distortion to Lone Justice to Hank Williams III and all points in between. But Cookie (who I’m ashamed to admit, I apparently missed on previous trips up to Earth) seems to fit that designation better than most others.

    Gotta get a copy of this album shipped to Hell now……

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