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Traffic – Dear Mr. Fantasy

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      Hell, no... I'm not giving up...

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      "Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable". - John F. Kennedy

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      Ignore the thing below if it’s still code (am trying to embed but it stays code so far).  I provided the YouTube link below that but it will probably inflict a commercial on you, or most of you, before the song.

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      Someone in Rolling Stone (early 70’s) thought the best concept album was not (of course) Sgt. Pepper or maybe even Ogden’s Nut (don’t think he mentioned that one) but the *British* Mr. Fantasy album.  To me, both the American and British ones are treasures.

      But here’s a song you may not have heard, …it being only on the British _Mr. Fantasy  and never on a single, etc. as far as I know.  It’s way too good for that fate.

      “Seems that I had just to stay
      The birds have flown, the sky’s turned gray
      The bees are baffled by the flowers
      Plastic plants that never die and I
      Hope they never find me here
      I walked upon synthetic grass where metal people said
      “Don’t ask about the field where you once played
      Atomic Factories have replaced” and I
      Hope they never find me here
      The horse I ride has lost a shoe, the petrol pumps are dry
      The car I drive has broken down and the blacksmith trade is dying
      Meals I eat have changed into a concentrated vacuum
      The hour has come for me to run
      Time to leave has just begun
      The world is waiting it’s a fact
      To stage the last and final act and
      Hope I never find me there

      Any resemblance to any real Dystopia is purely coincidental.

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