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Velvet Underground Docu.

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      Has anyone seen this yet? Looks good.

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      They were and are one of my many “favorite groups.”

      I think I have a London Weekend Television documentary from the 80’s on them.  They are legendary in one ironic way:  Not having appeared for very long in any surviving film actually in front of the camera, with decent sound and pictures.  They were going to be in the movie _Blow-Up, but the director of course followed what we know in hindsight to be the curse….Deciding I think at the last minute to cancel the Velvets for that scene,  in favor of the Yardbirds…who did pretty good work but….really, could have been Velvets.

      I know the reformed band in ’93 was filmed but part of the curse maybe is….yeah, technically good sound and images but what many people hated is Lou refused to sing like a Velvet, for the most part–the way he had defined it in the beginning.

      Anyway in the YouTube age (last I checked) some goodies are there for free.  For example, _Chumlum, film by Ron Rice if I recall.  Soundtrack by none other than Angus McLise.    The sound steals the show.

      And, off and on YouTube probably is the Warhol film, _Velvet Underground, A Symphony in Sound (if I recall).  Jam session, no known song of theirs but it defies their pattern, does have maybe 20 consecutive minutes of the band in their prime, playing, without the camera zipping or the sound recording only having a 10-second capacity.

      My latest excursion went (probably not through YouTube) to some site in Texas that has a home-movie quality film of a music festival–White Rock Lake, Dallas, Doug Yule era….And you do actually get to see and hear the band playing a few consecutive seconds.

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