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Anyone else???

  • kliljedahl (1389 posts)
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    Anyone else???

    “Remember when we were so happy when we were in our 30s and were carded for alcohol? Now we grin like a possum eatin shit when we go to a restaurant and ask for senior discount and they ask for ID”

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  • Doremus Jessup (3134 posts)
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    1. Yep. Can't wait to pull out my ID.

    I don’t take the discount or use a coupon at a local eatery though. Just national chains. I take the coupons in so they can get an idea what kind of traffic they are getting on their ad dollars. We don’t eat out a lot unless we are meeting up with friends so I’m not throwing money away and margins are really tight in my hometown. Every time I turn around we are throwing tax abatement dollars to a multi national chain which continues to drive small venues out of business.

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  • Rocco (649 posts)
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    2. Personally…

    I am 62, and sometimes are confused with someone who is 65. They give me the discount, and I am not entitled to it. I feel bad about this. I didn’t know that I looked so old.
    On the other hand, I get really peeved when someone calls me “sir.” I tell them that “sir” was my father, or I am not “sir,” I am Rocco, or man, or guy, but NOT “sir.” Maybe it’s just my dislike for authority, I dunno.

    • Babel 17 (3773 posts)
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      3. My brother once commented, "to the kids giving the discounts, anyone over 40 …

      … looks like a senior citizen.” He was talking about the movie theaters, where young people often do work, but I guess his point is often valid elsewhere.

      Edit: Or maybe they just gave you the discount out of solidarity, and because they knew they couldn’t get in trouble for it. “It’s nice being nice, to the nice.” Granted, “sticking it to the man” might not always be appropriate, so I guess it’s a judgement call on accepting it.


  • KauaiK (3529 posts)
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    4. Actually I got carded at the Honolulu airport to be able to order a drink.

    I started laughing and said are you serious?   The bartender sort of shrugged and said he’s required to asked everyone.  I wanted to kiss him.

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  • Smarmie Doofus (577 posts)
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    5. I've *never* been asked to prove I'm eligible….

    ….for movie discounts, etc.;  but when I bring my older siblings ( I’m 63) to their MD appts and the medical staff asks if I’m their “son” , I am…quite  frankly… in HOG-HEAVEN.

    Understand: only the very *best* MDs and RNs and aides  make this mistake.

    Only the most accomplished, gifted, perceptive medical professionals.