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Part B question

  • GoodWitch (956 posts)
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    Part B question

    I turn 65 next month and signed up for Parts A and B. I also have health insurance through my husband’s employer.

    A doctor I see a few times a year just told me she won’t accept me as a patient any more because she doesn’t take Medicare patients, even though my husband’s insurance is my primary coverage and Medicare would be secondary. She said the billing problems are a huge mess.

    Should I (can I) drop Part B for now and stick with my husband’s coverage until he retires?

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  • Silver Witch (5426 posts)
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    1. Good witch have hubby talk to his rep!

    I have found the insurance reps to be most knowledable. Some reque you to carry part B when you hit 65. Better to check then find you are not covered.