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Chet Atkins – Picks On The Beatles (full album)

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    A country guitar legend doing a whole album of Beatles covers…. doesn’t get any more “random” than that……

    Side one “I Feel Fine” – 1:57 “Yesterday” – 3:09 “If I Fell” – 2:11 “Can’t Buy Me Love” – 2:31 “I’ll Cry Instead” – 2:36 “Things We Said Today” – 2:34

    Side two “A Hard Day’s Night” – 2:27 “I’ll Follow the Sun” – 2:06 “She’s a Woman” – 2:40 “And I Love Her” – 2:22 “Michelle” – 2:46 “She Loves You” – 2:34

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    Yeah that Chit Akins was pretty good.


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