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Grateful Dead – Woodstock – 8/16/69

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    Soundboard audio of their full performance. Unfortunately there doesn’t seem to be a full video. 50 fucking years ago?? Way to make a Devil feel old…..

    Grateful Dead
    Woodstock Music & Arts Fair
    Max Yasgur’s Farm
    Bethel, NY
    August 16, 1969

    Soundboard Recording

    01 Stage announcements by Chip Monck
    02 St. Stephen
    03 Mama Tried
    04 High Time (false start)
    05 tech problems – Chip Monck banter – Country Joe warning the audience about bad LSD.
    06 Dark Star
    07 High Time
    08 Turn On Your Love Light

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    This was the most important guy at Woodstock.


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