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Rolling Stones Ry Cooder Jamming With Edward

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      Though it was released in 1972, it was actually recorded in early 1969 during the Let It Bleed sessions. By this time, Brian Jones was all but officially out of the band – not showing up for sessions, and not being very useful when he did. Mick Taylor had not yet joined, leaving Keith Richards as effectively the sole guitarist in the band at the time. Mick Jagger brought in Ry Cooder to help out, but he and Keef didn’t really get along all that well, and one night in April, Keef didn’t bother showing up for the sessions.

      These recordings are what happened when they were killing time in the studio, hoping Keef was on his way.  Nice little jam session, even if it’s not really a “proper” Stones disc.

      The title “Jamming With Edward” is actually a reference to Nicky Hopkins, who was given the nickname “Edward”, ironically by Brian Jones, who would be long dead by the time this record surfaced.

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