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75 mh Too Fast for Michigan

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      This article cites an alarming jump in crashes where Michigan raised the speed limit to 75 mph. On the other hand, some western states allow 80 mph without big increases in collisions. I drive the south-north length of Michigan once a year and I think I knw why they are ramming into each other. The freeways in Michigan are narrower than the freeways in Idaho and Montana. A bigger factor is probably driving habits. Michigan drivers are more competitive, follow closer, cut in quicker, and generally drive the same way they commute back and forth to the suburbs. Los Angeles drivers have the necessary skills to drive bumper to bumper at 80 mph. Michigan drivers do not. For bonus points, they refuse to slow down in the rain, even when it comes down in sheets and visibility is near zero. For the record, the worst drivers I have experienced are in the suburbs around Washington DC. Everyplace has its share of bad drivers now. Even truck drivers, once known as courteous and safe, are giving in to their more primitive urges. When they start selling self-driving cars, they will have to come with a selector that allows three modes: Defensive, Normal & Asshole. Meanwhile, slow down, people. Just because the sign says 75 doesn’t mean you can’t slow down to 70 at night or in the rain.


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      I concur. Detroiters drive real fast over really bad roads. At least, that was my experience last summer. At the time, the highways were so bad they make Cleveland’s, which are seldom free of potholes and bumps, seem pristine.

      Unlike Michiganders, northeast Ohioans tend to slow down too much when it rains or snows. Of course, the speed limit is never more than 60 in the metro area.

      I’ve driven in San Diego, LA, Denver, San Antonio, Dallas-Ft. Worth, Houston, Austin, Washington DC, and Chicago at some length during my years. The Beltway was unquestionably one of the worst driving experiences I’ve ever had, even worse than in the Texas cities, which I found slower and more congested than Los Angeles, if that’s possible.

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