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Anti-War Activists disrupt pro-White Helmets Concert at NYC's Grand Central

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    Anti-War Activists disrupt pro-White Helmets Concert at NYC's Grand Central

    Anti-War Activists disrupt pro-White Helmets Concert at NYC’s Grand Central
    A pop-up music concert in New York’s Grand Central station, promoting the work of the Oscar-winning Syrian “humanitarian” group White Helmets, was disrupted by anti-war protesters.


    More here:http://dailywesterner.com/news/2017-03-03/anti-syrian-war-protest-disrupts-white-helmets-propaganda-event/
    Musician involved with the #WhiteHelmets concert at Grand Central tells activists “I feel really burned here for not doing my research” pic.twitter.com/e3fPja0Oyr

    — Alexander Rubinstein (@AlexR_DC) March 3, 2017

    “We were there because the White Helmets are a PR effort for the US government to drum up support for intervention in Syria.

    We are opposed to US intervention in Syria and everywhere else, we thought it was important to protest this event,” an activist with Hands Off Syria told media.

    Activists refused to be identified because they’ve already faced harassment and lost jobs over their views on US involvement in Syria.

    “It was bad, because they were taking a very beautiful and well-known music and basically trying to drum up war propaganda and sentiment to justify the war when in fact that the US has bases in Syria, the US has already invaded Syria, US is already responsible for the protracted war against the Syrian people.

    Half of the country are refugees,” Another activist said.

    “And they want to give you Beethoven’s Ninth [Symphony]. That’s sick.”

    read more at link:

    Also here:

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  • CNW (2492 posts)
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    1. Hey! This is what real Americans do – finally they're starting to speak up.

  • Pam (1298 posts)
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    2. "US out of Everywhere"

    I liked that banner.


  • Mom Cat (14367 posts)
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    3. US out of Syria! I love what they did!

         NEVER FORGET      BERNIE WON!