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Political coming-of-age: the excitement of Gene McCarthy, LBJ dropping out, the horror of Bobby’s death, the depression of Humphrey v Nixon and the Democratic Convention.
My wife and I were raising our family and I had returned to school when the Clinton’s came on the scene. I didn’t care for some of the policies Bill pushed during his presidency, but I at the time I was more upset at the ‘vast right-wing conspiracy’ and his impeachment.
Over the years I’ve attended a few rallies and joined in some anti-war protests, but for the most part I just tried to be an informed voter every two years. I called myself an independent, but still voted Democratic most of the time.
Obama seemed a fresh, bright spark at the 2004 Convention, though of course in his speech he plainly identified himself as the ‘purple state’ guy, aiming for bipartisanship as the cure for the political system. Still, I voted for him—twice.
And then there was Bernie!
I’d been aware of him for years and was just happy that some one was giving HRC’s coronation a primary challenge. But as his campaign got going and the media seemed less and less journalistic, I had to start working a little harder to become my informed voter self. I became informed about neoliberalism, New Democrats, and the Third Way.
My wife had been reading stuff on Salon.com, but had become frustrated with changes the last couple years. She came upon Democratic Underground just to discover it was also becoming Bernie-unfriendly. And then a friend brought her to JPR, and I sort of tagged along.
‘And Lo, for the Earth was empty of form, and void.
‘And Darkness was all over the Face of the Deep.
‘And We said:
‘Look at that fucker Dance.’
(Madame Psychosis – ‘Sixty Minutes More or Less’ radio program on MIT’s WYYY FM109)
Infinite Jest – David Foster Wallace


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