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I’m 68 years old and have been politically active since I was 15.  I come from a musical family and have a kit in my apartment and a snare in my car which I keep my chops up with.  Some of the musicians I’ve sat in with include Johnny Young, Big Walter Horton, Mike Bloomfield, Keith Reimer, Junior Brantley, Harvey Scales, Vic Pitts, Berkley Fudge and many others in the Milwaukee, Chicago, Twin Cities area over the decades.

I am a conspiracy realist as a result of myself, my estranged family and loved ones being involved in a case of Deprivation of Rights Under Color of Law which has never been adjudicated. It involves the federal government providing protection to an individual that is a murderer, rapist, human trafficker and torturer that was put into a witness protection program during a federal grand jury in Milwaukee in 1970.

I am strongly for organization and am a former member of Local 232 as well as a UFCW picket captain in the successful campaign to organize Copp’s in the mid-90’s.  I’m  an anti-fascist first and foremost and was born in 1949 when Milwaukee had its third Socialist Mayor and administration.

I need to be among friends.



Male heterosexual.


The Driftless, Upper Mississippi River Region of Western Wisconsin


All power to the People.