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David is my real name.  I’m not actually a gnome – it was a show I loved as a little kid, about this little dude who took down trolls and stuff.  Not that I think of myself as a troll slayer or anything.

You’ll usually find me in conversations that have to do with poverty, struggle – and all things related to the fight for social and economic justice.  Generally agnostic (or “gnostic, maybe, is the proper word) but spiritually curious.  Currently I am a hotel front desk worker trying to find my way out of minimum wage/no benefit hell through writing.  It’s not working out so well just yet – but I’m working on it.  I have been among the ranks of the working class (in my personal case, working poor) for the whole of my adult life.  I have lived through… quite a lot in 33 years.  I am always willing to share my story with anyone who wants to know.

I love fantasy and science fiction novels – and am a moderate gamer.  Also, I rant.  A lot.




Aroostook County, Maine


“There is no distinctly native American criminal class save Congress.”

– Mark Twain