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I am a democratic socialist, an old retired guy, living on the Olympic Peninsula in Washington State.  During my working years, I worked in a bicycle shop, repaired electronics and operated a nuclear reactor in the military, worked on a dairy farm, fought wild fires, made you take off your shoes at the airport (TSA), worked in a federal program for at-risk young people, and a few other things.  My primary interest now is keeping my wife happy by renovating our two old houses.  I also ride my bicycle, and talk on ham radio, but not both at the same time.  Like many of you, I was active on a different site, and was chased away by orthodox party faithful who believe stifling dissent is the path to success.  I wanted Bernie, and caucuses for him, but voted for Hillary in the general, the same as so many of you.  So I guess I’m a rather typical disgruntled Democrat, waiting to see if the party is willing to change enough to include me, but not holding my breath.


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