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Home Scuba

  • active 8 minutes ago

    Let’s not get pedantic here about what Rock & Roll means. If you think if fits, it fits.

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  • active 45 minutes ago

    Share your recipes and what’s cooking at your house!

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  • active 2 hours ago

    A place to post political jokes/toons

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  • active 6 hours ago

    This group can discuss all things related to cannabis. Legalization, Cultivation, and Participation.

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  • active 11 hours ago

    A place for older, more mature members to share information relevant to those who fit into this category or have friends and family who might benefit from our information and conversation.

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  • active 15 hours ago

    This group is a place that provides opportunities for people of all faiths, spiritual leanings and non-belief to discuss religious topics and events in a positive and civil manner, with an emphasis on tolerance. […]

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  • active 1 day ago

    Baseball! Football! Basketball! Hockey! College or Pro (oh yes, those other sports – soccer (football to non-US types), tennis, curling, badminton.

    We’ve all got our teams, or favorites, our hot button […]

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  • active 1 day ago

    A place to get a laugh, and/or share a laugh with other JPRers. Keep the humor non-political.

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  • active 1 day ago

    A place to discuss films, tv shows, and streaming content.

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  • active 1 day ago

    This group and its subgroups are for issues that:

    1. are highly-charged, and

    2. there are two or more sides to the story, and all sides will not likely come to agreement in the near future

    Basically, if […]

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  • active 2 days ago

    All kinds of photography from pinhole to digital. (No nudes, please. There are specific sites for that.) Post your photos, discuss techniques, equipment and sources. Share links to fine photography, sources and […]

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  • active 2 days ago

    A group for our forgotten class. Personal stories, information and ideas for survival as well as fighting back.

    Lets End Poverty, lets expand SS, SSI, SSDI and begin to fight for the implementation of FDR’s […]

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  • active 6 days ago

    A group where we celebrate our companion animals. Any animal you like, we like. Welcome one and all.

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  • active 1 week ago

    This Group is for all thing election fraud related, no matter what State along with calls to action, what we can do about it, victories and revolution!

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  • active 1 week ago

    Discuss the cultivation of plants and landscaping.

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  • active 1 week ago

    A group to discuss activities, fitness trends, and personal goals and challenges.

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  • active 2 weeks ago

    Yup wheels – anything from Boss Cars, Transport Tractors, Project Cars/Trucks Favorite Rides, Dream Rides to tricycles – yeah – even the old pedal ones . . .

    Show/discuss your wheels!

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  • active 3 weeks ago

    Increase our self sufficiency by learning new and improved methods of home improvement and other DIY projects.

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  • active 2 months ago

    This Group is intended for pictures taken by members,

    discussion of methodology, equipment,

    history of one’s picture taking ”career”

    and all thing related to one’s involvement in picture taking. […]

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  • active 7 months ago

    This group is about everything related to guitars. This group talks about: Electric Guitars, Acoustic Guitars, Guitar Effects and Amps.

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